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In the long-term, cryptocurrencies should replace traditional fiat currency. Crypto is decentralized, private, extremely secure, simple, and easily-accessible. Blockchain technology can also be used for some other things such as unique domain names and websites, and cross-chain communication.

Crypto is very much decentralized

Crypto is completely self-governed

Crypto comes with extreme security & safety

Crypto protects you from inflation in the long-term

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How is crypto beneficial?
FinanceDeck Team  4/4/2022

The main problem with traditional money, aka fiat currency, is, trust is required. You must trust your bank to hold your money [..]

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Why is Monero the best privacy coin?
FinanceDeck Team 5/24/2022

Privacy coins are cryptocurrencies that obfuscate transactions on its blockchain in order to keep users and their activities [..]

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